About Us

Karatekin Ltd. was founded in 1998 on the purpose of working as consultant and equipment supplier for State tenders. Early on, Karatekin Ltd. was focused on Military Land Projects but afterwards Marine Systems and Railway systems added to our expanding volume of bussiness

Our History

Karatekin Ltd. has been established to give consultancy services to Turkish Defense Industry. At the beginning, consultancy services has been given to local defense companies. In this scope, we have contributed to the projects of wheeled armored vehicle , tracked armored vehicle and main battle tank in Turkey. Later on, representations of Turkish and European manufacturing companies have been undertaken within the scope of expanding abroad and we have been participating in tenders in foreign countries since then. We especially prefer projects and tenders which are funded by UN, World Bank , Asian Development Bank ( ADB), Islamic Development Bank ( IDB ) and kfW.

Our Mission

Our mission is to participate in projects and tenders of target foreign countries with companies from Turkey, Europe and USA. These target countries are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Algeria now. Some other countries may be included in these countries in due course. Our portfolio companies are mainly in UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Crotia, Czech Republic and Turkey.